Jury Requirements


Jazz Handbook – Senior Recital

Senior Recital

  1. Play a solo transcription from memory, with small group accompaniment. minimum 48-64 measures.
  2. Play one tune from each “Jazz Period”:
    1. Early Jazz (Pre-40’s)
    2. Bebop
    3. Hard Bop
    4. Cool School (West Coast)
    5. Contemporary (post “60’s”, modal, fusion, electric, etc.)
  3. Play one tune in a Latin style
  4. Ballad

Two of the above styles must be arranged for a minimum instrumentation of 3 horns and rhythm section (original arrangement, including score). Submit scores of your arrangements/compositions to Matt Harris a minimum of one month prior to your recital date.This ONLY pertains to the 3 horn arrangements, not rhythm section and soloist charts.

Tunes should NOT be head/blowing/head. Use intros, interludes, ensemble sections, endings etc. Be creative with your arrangements
(small group and ensembles). You may use a published piece of music, however, this does NOT count as one of your “original” arrangements (minimum 3 horns).

Piano and guitar must play at least one piece acapella.

Original tunes are encouraged but not required. Music may be used by other members of the group but must be memorized by the soloist (individual giving the recital).

Solos should be restricted to primarily feature the student giving the recital. A brief historical or musical description of each tune should be “scripted” in advance of the recital. Total length of music should be 60 minutes. No intermission unless needed for a complex set change.

Dress: Coat & Tie for all performers. Women may wear slacks & blouse or skirt. “Short” dresses must be accompanied with leggings.


What is Required?

1. Submit a video, in the order of your actual recital, to Matt Harris, Gary Pratt, and your private teacher. Your video may be submitted via “we transfer”, google drive, or post on a youtube user site. Sound quality should be reasonably good…. no distortion, or unbalanced “mixes”.

When does it need to be done?

2. The video must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to your recital date. Music must be memorized by student giving the recital. All others may read music. The music must be rehearsed before you make the video. I will reject sloppy, unrehearsed performances.

How does a student get a recital date?

3.Public Affairs office (room 116D) will allocate and schedule student recital dates on a “first come, first serve” basis. There is a strict limitation on the number of recitals that can be scheduled during the last 2 weeks of any semester.

For scheduling senior recital contact Shawn Kolb at shawn.kolb@csun.edu
For forms, go to: http://www.csun.edu/music/ student_resources/index.html