Jury Requirements


Jazz Handbook – Junior

I: Demonstrate what you are working on in your private lessons.

Junior Year, First Semester

I: “Tune List” Play melody, know the harmony, and improvise. Piano, Guitar and Vibes should play at least one tune unaccompanied.

1 Tenor Madness

2 Someday My Prince Will Come

3 Stella By Starlight

4 Killer Joe

5 Bye Bye Blackbird

6 In A Sentimental Mood

7 Sugar

8 I’ll Remember April

9 C Jam Blues

10 Invitation


Junior Year, Second Semester

1 Night and Day

2 Blue Trane

3 All of Me

4 Giant Steps

5 Out of Nowhere

6 Little Sunflower

7 Blue Monk

8 Caravan

9 Donna Lee

10 A Night in Tunisia

II: 3 Transcriptions.

The first transciption must be a minimum of 24-32 measures in any style. You will perform this transciption during combo class, midway through the semester, with your current combo. Writing this transcription out is optional.

The other two transcriptions must be memorized, played with the original recording, and written out using a notation program of your choice. Chord changes must be included above the solo.

1. Pre 1945, 24-32 bars minimum.

2. Post 1945, 48-64 measures minimum.