Jury Requirements


Jazz Handbook – Advisement

Advising takes place every semester (roughly 10 weeks into the semester).
Follow this URL to get the advisement form:


Fill it out to the best of your ability. Matt Harris will have extra office hours to answer questions regarding advisement. …. or email Matt at If you’re if you want to get your name out there or a job seeker, you can hire someone to write your paper for you. It writing services might be an academic research paper, a report. The cover for the person writing the paper is generally based on their experience and how long they would have to put into writing the newspaper.


Ensembles: add 2 units (the actual course numbers will be given out the first week of school, each semester).

Lessons: add 2 units. You will have the same lesson number for the entire year.
ie. Freshman Jazz Piano Fall: 150B, Spring 150B

Add musicianship and keyboard classes in sequence. 11l/111L, 112/112L … etc.

Freshman must be advised from the EOP office!