MUS 210AJ – Jazz Piano I

Students should have the ability to play two to four note chord voicings in closed position by the completion of this class. Ranges and inversions of thirds and sevenths of chords are stressed from day one.  Bossa nova and swing bass “lines” are also emphasized. Chord structures learned in the class are derived from classic jazz standards including Autumn Leaves, All The Things You Are, Pent-up House, Stella by Starlight, Blues, Blue Bossa, Watch What Happens, and Afternoon in Paris.

Course Content:

1. 2 note voicings. (shell voicings)

2. ii-V-I voicings beginning with 3rd, 7th and root.

3. ii-V-I Left hand voicings beginning with 3rd and 7th.

4. 3 note voicings.

5. Adding 5th or 9th depending upon inversion of 3rd and 7th.

6. Minor ii-V-i voicings.

7. 3 note voicings both hands and left hand only.

8. 4 note voicings.

9. Adding 9th and 13th to voicings. (“Four note voicings”)

10. Rootless voicings.