MUS 319B – Improvisation IV

Course Objective:

Emphasis on melodic development, form, rhythm, style, and creative aspects of improvisation within advanced harmonic structures.


None. Recordings will be listened to in class and should be purchased.

Tunes That May Be Covered:

1. Coltrane Tunes

– Countdown

– Giant Steps

– Moment’s Notice

– Mr. P.C.

2. Modal Tunes

– Maiden Voyage

– Impressions

– Naima

3. Wayne Shorter, Benny Golson, Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock Tunes

– Along Came Betty

– Dolphin Dance

– Wildflower

– Isotope

– Stablemates

– E.S.P.

– Inner Urge

– Ana Maria


Two transcriptions will be due during the semester. The first entire solo will consist of a minimum of 4 choruses of blues or 2 choruses of a standard 32 bar form (approx. 50-70 bars) . The second solo transcription must be an entire solo consisting of a minimum of 4 choruses of blues or 2 choruses of a 32 bar form (approx. 50-70 bars). The solo may be written out and played with music.

Grade Components:

Weekly quizzes and assignments – 20 percent

Mid-Term Playing exam – 20percent

Mid-Term transcription – 20 percent

Final cumulative playing exam – 20 percent

Final Transcription: – 20 percent


Grade will be lowered 1/3 for every unexcused class missed over 10 percent of the total number of classes. 3 “absents” are allowed before your grade will be affected.