MUS 319B – Improvisation IV

Course Objective: Emphasis on melodic development, form, rhythm, style, and creative aspects of improvisation within advanced harmonic structures. Text: None. Recordings will be listened to in class and should be purchased. Tunes That May Be Covered: 1. Coltrane Tunes - Countdown - Giant Steps - Moment's Notice - Mr. P.C. 2. Modal Tunes - Maiden Voyage - Impressions - Naima 3. Wayne Shorter, Benny Golson, Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock Tunes - Along Came Betty - Dolphin Dance - Wildflower - Isotope - Stablemates - E.S.P. - Inner Urge - Ana Maria Transcriptions: Two transcriptions will be due during the semester. The first entire solo will consist of a minimum of 4 choruses of blues or 2 choruses of a standard 32 bar form (approx. 50-70 bars) . The second solo transcription must be an entire solo consisting of a minimum of 4 choruses of blues or 2 choruses of a 32 bar form (approx. 50-70 bars). The solo may be written out and played with music. Grade Components: Weekly quizzes and assignments - 20 percent Mid-Term Playing exam - 20percent Mid-Term transcription - 20 percent Final cumulative playing exam - 20 percent Final Transcription: - 20 percent Attendance: Grade will be lowered 1/3 for every unexcused class missed over 10 percent of the total number of classes. 3 "absents" are allowed before your grade will be affected.