MUS 311J – Jazz Musicianship V

Course Objective:

Advanced level ear training with emphasis on “commercial” harmonic and melodic progressions. Interpreting and writing lead sheets for practical use on gigs.

Ear Training Exercises to Cover:

Basic intervals, chords (maj, min, aug, dim)

Compound intervals Chord types: major 7, minor 7, dominant 7, major 9, minor 9

Sus chords: Sus 7, 9, 13

Chords Associated With Modes:

Ionaian, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Aeolian Composing original songs based on each mode.

Diatonic Chord Progressions

Bass lines

ii-V-I Progressions

Common ii-V resolutions to I

Chromatic ii-V’s

Non-Diatonic chord progressions: Common key centers not related to I.

Grades Will Be Calculated as Follows:

25 percent – Weekly assignments: Lead sheets of transcribed pop tunes due every Friday.

25 percent – Quizzes: Ear training quiz given every Friday emphasizing different aspects of “listening”. ie. Bass lines, intervals, chords, chord progressions. Melody with harmony.

25 percent – Transcriptions*: 5 Due Each Semester (one every 3 weeks)

25 percent – Final Cumulative ear training final

Attendance Policy:

Grade will be lowered 1/3 for every class missed over 10 percent of the total number of classes. (You are allowed 4 “absents” before your grade will be affected).

*Each transcription will be a minimum or 4 choruses of blues or 2 choruses of a 32 bar tune. The transcription must be written legibly on manuscript paper with chord changes. A CD or cassette must accompany all transcriptions. Be prepared to play and discuss all aspects of each solo transcription including melodic development, scales, modes, rhythm, etc.


1 Review basic intervals and chord types.

2 Pop Tune#1 Lead Sheet Due

3 Pop Tune #2 Lead Sheet Due

4 First Transcription Due

5 Pop Tune #3 Lead Sheet Due

6 Second Transcription Due

7 Pop Tune #4 Lead Sheet Due

8 Pop Tune #5 Lead Sheet Due

9 Third Transcription Due

10 Pop Tune #6 Lead Sheet Due

11 Pop Tune #7 Lead Sheet Due

12 Fourth Transcription Due

13 Pop Tune #8 Lead Sheet Due

14 Pop Tune #9 Lead Sheet Due

15 Fifth, Final Transcription Due