MUS 219A -Improv I (Jazz Pedagogy for Education Majors)

Course Objective: Basic jazz pedagogy for music education majors.

Text:Jazz Educators Handbook by Jeff Jarvis and Doug Beach published by Kendor Music

Course Outline:

1. Working with jazz ensembles. (combos and larger ensembles)
2. Working with the rhythm section
3. Repertoire relevant to grade level
4. Beginning improvisation.
5. Setting up a jazz program from scratch
Final project will include conducting one piece with a jazz ensemble.

Grade Components:
Assignments - 25 percent Weekly assignments
Mid-Term - 25 percent Written exam
Final - 25 percent Written exam
Final Project - 25 percent conducting a jazz ensemble

Attendance Policy:
Grade will be lowered 1/3 for every class missed over 10 percent of the total number of classes. You are allowed 3 "absents" before your grade will be affected. Class begins precisely at the top of the hour! You will be graded "absent" if you are more than 5 minutes late at the beginning of class or if you are consistently 1 to 5 minutes late (more than 5 times). Have your instrument out, warmed up and ready to play at the beginning of class!