MUS 189/389 – Combo Class

Attendance is mandatory for all rehearsals and performances. Sickness and serious family related issues are the only permissible excuses. All substitutes will be your responsibility. Any failure to get an adequate substitute or to forget your music will result in an automatic “F” grade for the semester.

You must be punctual at all rehearsals. Have your instrument(s) out, warmed up and bring a music stand so that rehearsal starts on time! Your grade will be lowered 1/3 for every time you are late to a rehearsal…..Don’t be late!!!!

Bass and guitar players must bring tuner.

Sound Checks and Performances:
Failure to be punctual at performances will result in an automatic “F” grade for the semester. This simply means to be on time, warmed up and ready to play at a designated time. Each combo will perform a minimum of one concert (for the community) in addition to one concert each semester for their grade requirement.

Original Compositions:
Original compositions are encouraged but not mandatory unless specified by the director.

Dress will be determined by each director prior to a concert.
Do not take this lightly. Failure to comply will result in a lowered letter grade for each infraction.

Grade Components:
Attendance – 50%
Preparation -25% Ability to play parts and know the tunes.
Participation- 25% Includes active listening and commenting on performances.