Curriculum and Ensembles

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Jazz Major Course Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (37 units)

MUS 110A Keyboard Musicianship I (1)

MUS 110B Keyboard Musicianship II (1)

MUS 112/L Musicianship II and Lab (1/1)

MUS 191/L Fundamentals of Music Technology and Lab (2/1)

MUS 201 Style/Literature of Western Music I (3)

MUS 202 Style/Literature of Western Music II (3)

MUS 210AJ Keyboard Musicianship IV: Jazz (1)

MUS 210BJ Keyboard Musicianship IV: Jazz (1)

MUS 211/L Musicianship III and Lab (1/1)

MUS 212/L Musicianship IV and Lab (1/1)

MUS 213 Harmony I (3)

MUS 214J Jazz Harmony II (3)

MUS 311J/L Musicianship V: Jazz and Lab (1/1)

MUS 312J/L Musicianship VI: Jazz and Lab (1/1)

Individual Lessons (2-2)

Ensembles (4)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (9 units)

MUS 307 Music from a Global Perspective (3)

MUS 316 Musical Analysis (3)

MUS 483ME/L Music Entrepreneurship and Lab (1/1)

MUS 495 Recital/Senior Project (1)

3. Jazz Studies Option Requirements (33 units)

MUS 302 Jazz History (2)

MUS 319A Jazz Improvisation III (1)

MUS 319B Jazz Improvisation IV (1)

MUS 317A Jazz Arranging I (2)

MUS 317B Jazz Arranging II (3)

Individual Lessons (12)

Ensembles (12)

4. General Education (48 units)

Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in this Catalog.
The following 9 units of Music courses count for GE: MUS 191/L, MUS 202 and MUS 307.

Total Units in the Major/Option: 79

General Education Units: 39

Additional Units: 2

Total Units Required for the B.M. Degree: 120