Jazz Auditions Fall, 2019

Firsts time Freshman are required to register to the University by Nov. 30. Registration to the University is an entirely different process than the music audition but is an integral part of being accepted to CSUN.

Jazz Majors:

Deadline for pre-screen/video audition is Monday, January 14, 2019, 12:00AM. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS! On site auditions at CSUN (upon successfully passing your pre-screen audition) are February 9 or February 23 from 9:00-4:00.

Go to: https://csunjazz.slideroom.com/ to upload videos and questionnaire. The cost is $5.00

Sorry, We do NOT offer a vocal jazz degree.

You may use pre-recorded tracks to play with, although we encourage you to use a live “band” to demonstrate musicality, creativity, and communication. You may mix the audio, but NO EDITS for each indiviudal video. You will be asked to submit indiviudal videos for each song and one "narrative" video describing why you want to be a part of the CSUN Jazz community. You may use a cell phone to record the video.

1. Everyone
Play two tunes in contrasting styles. No original tunes.
Play the melody, solo (any length), and play the melody out.

Piano,guitar,vibes: "comp" 2 choruses (in addition to soloing)

Bass: walk two choruses (in addition to soloing)

Drums: play "time" for the melody, trade choruses with another soloist, or play 2 choruses unaccompanied.

2. Piano/Guitar/Vibes: Pick a tune of your choice to be performed without accompaniment. Do NOT perform a published chord solo or transcription.

Bass: Play another tune without accompaniment. Play a minimum of one chorus each: melody, groove, improvisation.

Drums/Perc. Play a minimum of 8 bars in swing, afro-cuban, samba, funk/rock. (feel free to include other grooves) Keep same tempo without a break between styles. Be as creative as you want!

3. Everyone
Introduce yourself and explain why you want to study jazz at CSUN. (1-2 minutes)