Jazz Auditions Fall, 2017

Deadline for pre-screen/video audition is Monday, January 16, 2017. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS!

Go to: https://csunjazz.slideroom.com/ to upload videos and questionnaire.
The cost is $5.00

Sorry, We do NOT offer a vocal jazz degree.

You may use pre-recorded tracks to play with, although, we encourage you to use a live “band” to demonstrate musicality and communication. You may mix the audio, but NO EDITS Please! You may use a standard cell phone to record the video.

1. All Players

Play “Au Privave” by Charlie Parker
Play the melody, solo (any length), and play the melody out.

Piano,guitar,vibes: “comp” 2 choruses (in addition to soloing)
Bass: walk two choruses (in addition to soloing)

Drums: play “time” for the melody, trade choruses with another soloist, or play 2 choruses

2. Horn Players:
Choose another tune in a contrasting style/tempo.
Play melody and improvise.

Pick a tune of your choice to be performed without accompaniment.
Do not perform a published chord solo or transcription. i.e. (Joe Pass chord solo transcription)

Play another tune without accompaniment.
Play a minimum of one chorus each: melody, groove, improvisation.

Play a minimum of 8 bars in swing, afro-cuban, samba, funk/rock.(feel free to include other grooves)
Keep same tempo without a break between styles. Be as creative as you want!

3. Everyone

Introduce yourself and explain why you want to study jazz at CSUN.
(1-2 minutes)